Volume XL, Issue 9
Established 1987
June 11, 2008


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ASSU Holds $500k of Student Money in Unspent ‘Reserve’ Fund

An investigation into ASSU finances has revealed a massive reserve fund of over $500,000 in unspent student money. According to data supplied by the Capital Group at Stanford Student Enterprises, which manages the money, the fund has grown over 35% since this year’s graduating seniors entered Stanford as freshmen in 2004.

Publisher of Muhammad Cartoons Clarifies Free Speech

Of all the incidents involving Islam and free speech in recent years—with the possible exception of the “teddy bear” case in Sudan late last year—the crisis of the now-infamous “Muhammad cartoons” stands out, primarily for the absurdly disproportionate reaction in the Muslim world vis-a-vis what prompted it.

CCR Brings Film, Videoconferencing to Stanford Students

On May 13th, Stanford students in Wallenberg Theater watched in awe as a team of American students discussed the Iraq war with a team students in Baghdad. Bridge to Baghdad, a two-part documentary depicted videoconferences between students in New York and students in Baghdad a few months before, and three years into, the Iraq war.

Interview: The Two Stevens

Steven Pressfield is the bestselling author of Gates of Fire, hailed by critics as an “epic of man and war.” He is a prolific author, having published eight books including the just-released Killing Rommel, set not in ancient times but in the deserts of North Africa, and is also a veteran of the Marine Corps.

Is This Land Your Land?

This past Thursday, demonstrators in White Plaza commemorated the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinian Arabs from their homes during Israel’s War of Independence in 1948. The political purpose of publicly lamenting this “Naqba,” or “catastrophe,” was to convince the world that the creation of the State of Israel was a crime whose victims have yet to receive justice.

Editor’s Note: The Voice of The Stanford Review

This is the last issue of Volume 40 of The Stanford Review. It’s a good time to think about our mission: about why we’re here and what we’re doing; and to judge ourselves on how well we’re accomplishing our goals.

A Crossroads for Lebanon

In stark contrast to Iraq, where violent conflict along religious and political lines is a relatively recent development, sectarianism is woven into the fabric of the Lebanese state. Lebanon’s government, political parties, and coalitions are all based on locked power distributions among different groups.

Colombian Agreement a Sign of Things to Come?

Supporters of Senator Barack Obama claim that their candidate’s post-partisan rhetoric shows he will listen to Republicans and Democrats alike and take good ideas from anyone, regardless of party. However, Obama’s support of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to halt President Bush’s fast-track authority to implement free trade agreements with other countries further undermines the image that Obama, ranked the most liberal senator in 2007, seeks to create for himself as a uniter.

Iraq Critics Reject Claim War Was for Oil

In exclusive interviews with the Stanford Review, three of the most prominent critics of the Iraq War—Paul Pillar of Georgetown, Stephen Walt of Harvard, and John Mearsheimer of Chicago—rejected the assertion that acquiring Iraqi oil was America’s motive for invading.

Sex and the Stanford Bubble

There is a debate on campus over whether birth control pills should be subsidized by the university. Because of the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005, which changed the way that pharmaceutical companies paid rebates to the states, pharmaceutical companies can no longer offer birth control pills to college health care clinics at discounted rates.

The Heart of the Matter: Stem Cell Research

This is a question that has been addressed by major philosophers and theologians over the centuries, with answers ranging from conception to time points during development to birth. Personally, my belief is that human life is a continuum.

Gay Marriage Ruling Raises Constitutional Questions

In 2000, Californians voted on Proposition 22, which sought to define marriage as between a man and a woman. The measure was passed, with 61.4 percent in favor.

Protect Our Border: Build a Fence

With more than 12 million illegal immigrants residing in the United States and more than a million more coming each year, our country must act to curb the continuing flow of undocumented immigrants, especially across our southern border. Many pay no taxes yet reap the benefits of taxpayer dollars.

The Economics of Going Green

Terry Anderson is the John and Jean DeNault Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution and the executive director of the Property and Environment Research Center in Montana.

Boring ASSU = Good ASSU: A Competent Year in Review

That government is best which is most boring. After a disastrous but amusing period of activism, the ASSU has finally returned to pragmatic but effective advocacy on behalf of the student body - it has become boring again. A year ago, the ASSU was the laughing stock of the University, mired in a tangled mess of grandiose projects that brought no benefit to the student body, and even caused harm

Smoke Signals

This volume has seen its share of the usual ups and downs for campus conservatives. Here’s our take on some of the most recent happenings.

Israel’s Tough Ancestors

Back in 1960, Hollywood filmmaker Otto Preminger made an excellent film titled “Exodus.” Set around the time when Israel was founded in 1948, the film’s hero is Ari Ben Canaan, a tall, handsome, muscular Jewish warrior who stands at six feet three inches—the terror of all anti-Semites.

Iraq Is Not An Occupation

Among the many imperishable truths about the Iraq war, one of the more galling is the claim that American troops have “occupied” Iraq since 2003. We hear this assertion repeated by Stanford Says No to War and the rest of the usual suspects.



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